Helping families to resolve sleep issues for 20 years

Rosy Whitwell – Sleep Consultant

How can I help?

Tailored for you and your family

Every family is unique and we will work together to come up with a sleep plan that best suits your family and parenting style. My advice is always evidence-based, coupled with the experience of knowing what works in practice. With a tailored plan, consistency and support, I am confident that you can make some life changing improvements to your child’s sleep.

Is your child struggling with sleep?

I have been helping families to resolve sleep issues for 20 years, both in my previous role as a health visitor and now running my own sleep consultancy business. I can honestly say that sleep is one of the most frequently raised concerns by parents so you are not alone in your quest to get some help.

Considering all factors

As an experienced and qualified health professional, I will take a holistic approach, considering other factors which may be affecting your baby’s/child’s sleep, such as allergies, diet, and special needs. With 3 children of my own, I understand from first-hand experience how those frustrating days and sleep-deprived nights take their toll.

How it works: the process

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I will then …

... take detailed sleep history including relevant factors

... diagnose the sleep problems

... produce a detailed sleep plan

... follow-up with support phone calls and emails

Here’s what my clients think

Age: Baby “She was 14 months old when we turned to Rosy for help and I’m so glad we did… …Ava didn’t nap well in the day and would wake at 9.30pm and then at least 3-4 times a night after that… …It’s difficult enough to juggle a busy family life and work, but when you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, it starts to affect everything…”
Age: Teenager “I wouldn’t consider myself a great sleeper but after a consultation with Rosy, she reassured me I was getting more sleep than I realised. In addition, she opened my eyes to some practical things I could do to improve my sleep, and recommended a great book which focuses on normalising sleep – easy to read….”
Age: Teenager “Rosy listened carefully to my teenager’s particular scenario and had a variety of options for us to try. Rosy’s advice about the whole 24 hour routine really struck a chord and helped improve my teenager’s sleep. Rosy evidenced her recommendations which was really helpful when encouraging a teenager…”

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