Are you ready to get expert help with your baby’s sleep?            

I’m a qualified health professional and paediatric sleep expert with over two decades of experience in all things babies, children and sleep. 

Using responsive, gentle sleep methods tailored to your baby’s needs, it’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights and get back to enjoying your baby and your life.


Say goodbye to sleepless nights.


Are you back at work already or due back soon when your maternity leave ends, but just don’t know how you’re going to cope with the lack of sleep?

You know feeling exhausted all the time isn’t sustainable and things need to change but just don’t know where or how to start?

But you do know that you want a gentle and responsive approach. No cry it out or leaving the room as they learn.


I’m Baby Sleep Consultant Rosy Whitwell

Being constantly tired affects your mood, your relationships, your work and your ability to enjoy the treasured time you have with your baby.

If you’ve read everything there is to know about baby sleep and various gentle sleep methods and even tried to implement some of them but nothing has worked, then you’re in the right place.

My proven, step by step process works to get your baby settling easily at bedtime and helps them sleep peacefully at night. Get some time to yourself in the evening and the sleep you and your family need at night. 


I promise


I can help.


As a registered nurse, health visitor and gentle sleep expert, you can trust that I will use everything I know about babies, children and sleep to help you and your little one sleep better.

And as a mum of 3 I totally get how you feel having been there myself, a new level of exhaustion like you’ve never known but also an indescribable love and desire to protect your little one.

Get the sleep you and your baby need whilst protecting and actually improving the bond between you. If bed sharing, feeding, rocking or holding your baby to sleep is no longer working for you or your baby, then get in touch with me today for a no obligation chat.

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Ava was 14 months old when we turned to Rosy for help and I’m so glad we did.

She didn’t nap well in the day and would wake at 9.30pm and then at least 3-4 times a night after that…

I would recommend Rosy to anyone having problem’s with their child’s sleep; she is kind, patient and understanding and gave me the confidence to implement changes that made such a difference so quickly.

Within a matter of days she started to sleep for longer periods and now sleeps through the night!