With my health professional and sleep consultant experience and expertise, I firmly believe that the best time to start making changes to your little one’s sleep is anytime from around 9 months onwards. It’s why my sleep support packages start from this age. So if you’ve been enjoying all the cuddles, bedsharing, feeding on demand and so on but returning to work is now looming, or you’re already back at work and it’s just not sustainable anymore, then don’t worry, I can help! Within a matter of weeks you will be experiencing more sleep at night and a baby that will settle in their cot so that other caregivers can help when you are back at work.

I use only gentle sleep methods to encourage your little one to sleep more. We want them to feel happy and confident to fall asleep, not sad and wondering where you’ve gone. I won’t ask you to ignore your intuition by leaving your baby to cry or to leave the room. You will stay with your baby whilst they adapt to the new way of falling asleep and I will give you all the confidence and support you need to see it through.
If you’re ready to start getting more sleep, contact me today and we can arrange to have an informal chat. I’ll help you decide if it’s the right time for you and your little one and if I’m the right person to help you.

Baby Sleep Support 


Suitable for babies from 9 months of age


  • 1 hour video consultation with me
  • Individualised sleep plan
  • 1 month follow up sleep support via What’s App and phone calls 

Toddler/Child Sleep Support


Suitable for little ones from 3 years of age


    • 1 hour video consultation with me
    • Individualised sleep plan
    • 2 months follow up sleep support via What’s App and  phone calls


Young Baby Sleep Support


Suitable for babies from 3-8 months of age


  • 1 hour video consultation with me
  • Follow up report with suggestions for age appropriate routine, nap and sleep improvements
  • 1 follow up sleep support phone call

“I can’t recommend Rosy more highly. I work as a doctor and my son was waking up every 2 hours overnight. I felt exhausted and was struggling to keep going during long shifts. Under pressure from family I had tried ‘cry it out’ a few months earlier and we had both found it very upsetting so I was nervous about trying any sort of sleep training but equally felt that the current situation was unsustainable.

Rosy came up with a tailored programme that was practical and straightforward to follow. It was sufficiently gentle that I found the process so much less stressful than I had appreciated.

She was on hand with phone calls and texts to offer problem solving advice but mostly emotional support; I think it was this that made me carry on. She was extremely intuitive and sensitive to what I was feeling and was pragmatic and realistic in her advice.

My son’s sleep is now so much better than it was.

Thank you Rosy!

Catherine (mum to Sebastian)