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Jo, mum to Ava 14 months old

“She was 14 months old when we turned to Rosy for help and I’m so glad we did… 
…Ava didn’t nap well in the day and would wake at 9.30pm and then at least 3-4 times a night after that…
…It’s difficult enough to juggle a busy family life and work, but when you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, it starts to affect everything and I needed help!

I would recommend Rosy to anyone having problems with their child’s sleep; she is kind, patient and understanding and gave me the confidence to implement small but practical changes that made such a difference so quickly!

We were amazed that after making some small changes to her daytime routine and early evening waking within a matter of days she started to go for longer periods of sleep and now sleeps through the night!

She’s happier and eating more in the day and we are starting to feel like we are getting our lives back!

Thank you so much Rosy!”

Catherine, mum to Jude

“I wholeheartedly recommend Rosy to anyone struggling with getting their baby to sleep or to stay asleep. She is so kind, non-judgemental and more importantly truly feels like she became a friend.

We first started working with Rosy in the midst of our busiest time yet, constant travelling with work as well as moving house. She helped us establish a routine and checked in daily to see how we were coping. The amazing thing is that this wasn’t rigid and set in stone. For example in the middle of the heatwave we adapted what we were doing to match the circumstances.

I also think it is particularly noteworthy how closely Rosy worked with my partner. With me having to travel a lot for work during that time she was able to be a support for him.

Thank you Rosy for everything. I would recommend you to anyone who feels like they need to make a change with their baby or child’s sleeping habits.“

Rebecca, mum to Poppy, 14 months old

Rosy’s help and advice have been invaluable. We were at a total loss with our 14 month old daughter. We’d spoken to our health visitor and GP but nothing had worked. She self settled for bed and naps but woke repeatedly (and randomly) in the night and needed one of us to cuddle her/sooth her back to sleep. After only a few (long) nights, I now have a baby that sleeps through the night!! Everyone in the house has benefited from Rosy’s help, I can’t thank her enough.

Mary, mum to Joseph,10 months old

We were suffering from several months of numerous night wakings and the lack of sleep had become unsustainable. Although the problem was initially linked to tummy trouble, our baby had become used to being cuddled half the night and couldn’t self-settle. Rosy was fantastic! Understanding, patient, non-judgemental, clear and always available to answer questions or listen to concerns. With her tailored plan and support we had the miracle of 11 hours sleep after 3 nights! Of course, it wasn’t all perfect after that, and Rosy was still there to help (including how to deal with naps and get back to a routine after illness). Thank you!  

Jane, mum to Tom, 7 months old

 Rosy helped me when one of my twins was waking frequently at night. Rosy listened closely, and designed a clear day and night plan. Everything she advised made a lot of sense. She was very understanding but also clear about what the red lines were in order to help my baby. It helped a great deal having someone to report back to in the morning. Rosy went above and beyond. I would recommend her services. 

Anna, mum to Robyn, 18 months old

 I cannot recommend Rosy enough. I was breastfeeding my 18 month old on and off through the night and the sleep deprivation was beginning to affect my mental and physical wellbeing and wasn’t doing my little one or the rest of the family any favours either. Rosy sat down with us and we talked through every detail of our daily routine. Rosy listened to our concerns and was absolutely non-judgemental of the situation we had managed to carve out for ourselves. She then set out a plan after our discussion that we knew we could stick to. Having already gone through sleep training (solo) with mixed results with our older one, I was so nervous. But Rosy was so reassuring and supportive and the personalised sleep programme she provided was so detailed so we knew exactly what to do. It was tough to start off with, but our little girl went from frequent waker to sound sleeper within a week or two. Of course, nothing is perfect and we have had some hiccups along the way (4am starts after the clocks go back anyone?!) but Rosy has been in touch several times since we started training and has been there for advice and support. I would recommend Rosy to anyone-she is brilliant!

Debra, mum to Finley, 15 months

 The support and advice Rosy gave us made all the difference. The process was hard as new parents but Rosy’s constant reassurance and constant support enabled us to achieve what we set out to do! We now have a baby that sleeps from 7:00pm until 6:00am and we can finally get a decent night’s sleep! Thank you!

Leanne, mum to Louis, 4 years old

 Rosy has been an excellent support. I have been struggling with my son’s sleep for several years now and we have spoken to other sleep consultants but with no success. After I spoke to Rosy and she wrote a detailed sleep plan we achieved success within a few days. My 4 year old has gone from sleeping in our bed to sleeping in his own bed all night plus going to sleep on his own. This is a massive difference for us as a family. We are now working on his early waking. Rosy is always available at the end of the phone and nothing has been too much trouble for her. I would highly recommend Rosy. 

Sahra, mum to Eesa, 14 months old

 Before I knew it my little boy was 14 months old. I had stopped breastfeeding at 12 months old and therefore he was no longer falling asleep on me. I had found myself waiting for him to fall asleep in my arms or would have to rock him for hours at a time. He was so exhausted (I was exhausted) but the moment I would go to put him down he would be pulling at me, screaming. It was a nightmare I honestly couldn’t see an end to. It was affecting my mood and behaviour and I was feeling so low and exhausted. I wasn’t sure how I got to this point.

I looked in to sleep nannies but thought I could manage it on my own as I was looking into so many sleeping methods. I tried to implement things which would work for a while but then stop. I had confused myself and my little boy for mixing and matching so many techniques. I was feeling so guilty, crying most nights with him. I felt really out of my element.  

I had come across so many different sleep nanny companies, spoke to a few of them and then decided to search for one in my local area just to see if anything came up and Rosy did! I decided to call Rosy just for a chat who was so lovely to speak with who initially gave me some tips so I decided to continue to persevere on my own at this point.  

However in the coming week I would keep finding myself turning to my husband for reassurance on what I was doing but of course we are both new to this and just trying to do our best. One afternoon I texted Rosy a question. Rosy sent me such a detailed text, I was really touched she had taken the time to do this as I was not committed to working with her. I decided to phone her for another chat (I was having such a bad day I was more or less holding back tears whilst talking to her).  

I just knew Rosy was perfect to help me and my family so decided to take the leap of faith!  

Rosy came to my house to meet me and my little boy and afterwards she sent me such a detailed plan. She really listened to my concerns and reassured me throughout, the amount of support I have felt is unbelievable, she has answered my every question. Rosy offers such a unique service she doesn’t suggest you have a set amount of times to call which is what I was concerned about with other companies I came across. Rosy answered my every text and concern, I didn’t feel alone, I felt so supported, she really made me feel strong as if I could do this. Rosy reassured me that the first few days would be hard but it will all be a distant memory in the end, and she was oh so right!!!! Money well spent, I would advise anyone who is going through sleeping problems with their babies to contact Rosy! You won’t look back. She has literally been a godsend for me. The whole family is so happy and surprised at the results. My little boy started off in my room screaming if I wasn’t holding him and has ended up in his own room and sleeping through very happily!

Rosy, I can’t thank you enough! 

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