Here’s what my clients think


“She was 14 months old when we turned to Rosy for help and I’m so glad we did… 
…Ava didn’t nap well in the day and would wake at 9.30pm and then at least 3-4 times a night after that…
…It’s difficult enough to juggle a busy family life and work, but when you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, it starts to affect everything and I needed help!

I would recommend Rosy to anyone having problems with their child’s sleep; she is kind, patient and understanding and gave me the confidence to implement small but practical changes that made such a difference so quickly!

We were amazed that after making some small changes to her daytime routine and early evening waking within a matter of days she started to go for longer periods of sleep and now sleeps through the night!

She’s happier and eating more in the day and we are starting to feel like we are getting our lives back!

Thank you so much Rosy!”


“I wouldn’t consider myself a great sleeper, but after a consultation with Rosy, she reassured me I was getting more sleep than I realised.  In addition, she opened my eyes to some practical things I could do to improve my sleep, and recommended a great book which focuses on normalising sleep – easy to read and easy to apply the advice.  I am now sleeping better than I have in a long time. Thanks Rosy!”


“Rosy listened carefully to my teenager’s particular scenario and had a variety of options for us to try.  Rosy’s advice about the whole 24 hour routine really struck a chord and helped improve my teenager’s sleep.  Rosy evidenced her recommendations which was really helpful when encouraging a teenager to make changes!”

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